Battles are won and lost in the mind. Our actions, our attitudes, and our habits are based on the way that we think. Negative thoughts suck away our mental and emotional energy and actually drain away our strength. So one of the first steps to changing your circumstances and actions is to be aware of what you are thinking. It is not enough to just become aware of what you are thinking. We have to replace negative thoughts with good and positive ones.

This may sound crazy, but next time you find yourself having a negative thoughts stop and say something positive (an affirmation) out loud. There is actually psychology behind this. We are capable of changing our thoughts and we actually start to believe the things that we say out loud. You can create your own but start with this list:

1. My child has many gifts and skills

2. My child has a bright future ahead of them

3. I am patient.

4. I surround myself with love and positive energy to keep myself refreshed.

5. I am part of a huge community of parents and we are doing our best for our children.

6. I am an overcomer and I am raising an overcomer.

7. My energy goes where my focus goes so I focus on my strengths and gifts.

8. My children bless me and I bless them.

9. Challenges are in my life to show me my strength.

10. My child is growing and becoming better each day.

11. I accept and love myself completely on my good days and my bad ones.

12. Hard times are temporary and make me better.

13. I treasure every good moment and memory I have with my family.

14. I am a source of light and shine love and wisdom on everyone around me.

15. My circumstances are a reflection of my attitude so I keep my attitude positive.

16. My child has something wonderful to contribute to the world.

17. I am full of love, full of life, and full of hope.

18. I attract support and good things for me and my child.

19. I have everything I need and what I don’t have God will provide.

20. My child has everything that he/she needs and what he/she doesn’t have God will provide.

21. I attract generosity and favor like a magnet.

*You might not feel like these things are true yet but say them like they are. Get comfortable in these truths until they become your reality.